I started digitizing with Embird in 2004.  In all that time, Embird only charged us 2 times for an upgrade:  once it was only $20, and then just recently in 2018 it was only $35.  That is unheard of in this industry.  In addition, no other software allows you to be this exact in your digitizing.....allowing us to import vector objects, snap to nodes and vector edges, create beautiful Sfumato works of Art with a low stitch count....and this is just to name a few.


I am very passionate about bringing the modern tools of digitizing to my friends.  Many times my students only need 1 or 2 lessons with me, and then they are on their way.  I have built some lasting friendships this way as well. 

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Skype Lessons and some Student Testimonials.

Don't forget about our Video Tutorials,  Custom Motifs and Outlines here.  Be sure to check out the  stipple esm files.  They are gorgeous!

Also, when you purchase Embird here, you are automatically accepted into out Exclusive FB group called Embird Workshop, where I share free tips and Custom Embird Files.  The Curl Motif below and the Flames Oultine are 2 files that are free when you are a member of that FB group.  And there will be more to come.


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