Summary (Covered in the Video)

Advantages of Embird in General:

  1. Embird does not forget about the people who bought their software 20 years ago.  They still let those people upgrade to a newer version.  Hatch does not do this.  (Customizer for example)

  2. The word “Connection” in Embird is just that…..a line of stitching that connects 2 objects.  A Connection is not a Jump.  A jump is meant to be cut off or trimmed, so it has a tie-off and a tie-on.  This makes discussing digitizing very easy.

  3. 3D view is actually a true view

  4. So you will see the “Connections” between letters, but won’t see the Jumps between words.

    • So you are seeing an exact image of how your design will look when it is done stitching.

    • Also, you can change whether or not you see your jumps in 3D view.   (done in Manager).

  5. The lowest Price Software available that offers features only available in $7-10,000 software.

  6. Embird does not bog down your system.  So when you are editing stitch points and zooming in, you don’t have to wait for the software to regenerate the stitch points with every zoom.  This saves so much time and frustration.


Advantages of Embird Editor:

  1. You can export cut files in either svg or fcm format.

    • And it asks you how much you want to inflate it

  2. When you group objects in the Objects Window, you get 1 object.

    • This saves space and confusion.

  3. When you are in Editor, you know you are working with a Stitch file, not a vector file.

    • (and when you are in Studio, you know you are working with a vector file.)

  4. Embird’s new Effect Features allow you to:

    • Flatten fabric nap like Fur or Terry.

      • (Insert/Effect/Plate or Cavity)

      • So you can fine tune how you want to flatten by choosing Plate or Cavity.

    • Create Offset Outlines to make a unique Patch shape that follows your design.

      • (Insert/Effect/Contour)

    • Fill the entire Hoop or Work Area, or Exterior of Design with Motif or Fill Stitches

      • (Insert/Effect/Exterior)

  5. Bring Outlines (including your Contour) into Studio and turn them into Vector files.  This is big!!

  6. You can add stitch points quickly and easily.


Advantages of Embird Studio (Digitizing Tools):

  1. You can import 4 different types of Vector files (emf, svg, wmf, and cmx/corel), and they will be digitized automatically.

    • This is big because you now have a vector file that you can change just as if you digitized it yourself.

  2. Which brings us to the next and biggest benefit of choosing Embird:


    • This includes the svg’s, etc that you imported, or the vector objects that you manually created in Studio.

  3. You can click on Bold for any True Type or Embird font.

    • This means you can make your letters thicker, even if the Bold did not thicken it enough.

  4. You can also Expand any Fill or Column object. 

    • Remember, Expand is not the same as a LxW increase.  Expand is a 360 degree ballooning.

  5. The software doesn’t decide if you have Connections, just because your letters/objects are farther apart.

    • You can tell it that you want Connections or Jumps with Tieoff’s.  And you can see them in the Window.

  6. You have total control over the Stitch length of your Connections

    • You can assign a total stitch length or you can just choose 1 connection and change it’s stitch length.

    • This is important when you want to sink a stitch point between 2 letters so that the connection won’t show.

  7. You can turn your Connections into Outlines or Manual stitches

    • Then we just split that Outline close to where we want the Connection to be.  Turn the shorter Outline back into a Connection.  Then assign the shorter stitches to the Connection and the longer stitches to the Outline.

More Advantages (not covered in the Video)

  1. Your hoop does NOT move, so your design always stays centered.

  2. Your Stitch Parameters are all in 1 window, so you don’t have to go hunting around for the Density or Pull Comp, or anything.

  3. Object Window and Toolbar Icons are small so that your work space is large and easy to use.

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